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Educational Features

Overview & Educational Principals

Beyond Dream Global Leader Scholars (BDS) is an alternative boarding school located in Chungju that was founded in 2019 on these ten principles:


School should be a fun and enjoyable place to learn. BDS moves beyond this culture of subjecting students to a highly competitive environment based solely on stressful exams and instead motivates young learners to love to be at school and develop success by becoming life-long learners through Growth Mindset and Project-Based Learning.


Students should have a stage to show off their talents and skills. Through frequent and various exhibitions, students will showcase their skills and talents. Students are supported by the faculty and allowed to develop their talents through the curriculum.


Students should learn in a comfortable environment. The headquarters of BDS is one of the most well-known meditation resorts in South Korea. People from all over Asia come to enjoy these facilities. These aspects of meditation and emotional well-being are integrated into the extracurricular programs to holistically treat BDS students.


Students should learn from inspirational leaders. The best-selling author and former presidential spokesperson Mr. Dowon Go (or Godowon) will lead special programs such as Korean writing classes that are exclusively available to BDS students.


Students should prepare for success in twenty-first century. BDS prepares students for the fourth industrial revolution by providing opportunities to learn about emerging technology and integrating computers in the classroom to help students develop a sense of mastery and focus on the tools needed to thrive in a modern society.


Student's core values should build on 'the Five Ships Model of Leadership'. BDS emphasizes the 5-Ships Model *Leadership, Followership, Partnership, Healership, & Servantship.* These five values are required qualities for everyone at BDS, including employees of the school. These values will be emphasized to our students through campus culture and class activities.


Students should be evaluated on personal growth. BDS acknowledge there is simply no single tool to rank students based on their academics. Rather than competing with others, BDS will focus on students' personal growth.


Students should build their language skills before entering the academic program. BDS students will be encouraged and have opportunities to build their language skills and experience a new environment by studying abroad or taking a foundation camp.


Students will have opportunities to experience the world beyond Korea. The Godowon Healing Center has a history of offering tourist packages, which will be available to members of BDS to provide opportunities to explore the world.


Parents should have opportunities to see their children present their skills. Finally, BDS offers concerts for parents each semester (in addition to other opportunities throughout the year) to observe their child's growth and development.

201-61, Useong 1-gil, Noeun-myeon, Chungju-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Admissions : 070-7525-5517
Administration : 070-7525-5526, 070-7525-5509
Email : admin@bds-korea.org
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