BDS Foundation Course

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BDS Foundation Course

This is an optional course that students can take proceeding their first semester at BDS.

Before diving into our international education system, students get to experience schooling abroad in the United States by staying with our carefully selected host families and naturally develop their English skills through daily interaction. Through this process, students learn how to be independent, and acquire the skill sets needed as future global leaders.

A Foundation Course for BDS in the USA will be held in Korea before students leave for the USA program in order to prepare and educate them about the cultural differences & manners, as well as to practice basic English skills beforehand.

BDS faculty members and staff of our local partner institution will reside in the area with the students to manage their environment and provide assistance in academics. Staff will interact with our students on a regular basis, and provide a thorough weekly report to parents and our school during the program.


Classes assigned in consideration of individual students' English levels and age through pre-testing.

Implements a "Buddy" system, which matches local classmates with BDS students one-on-one to help students adjust to their new schools more easily.

BDS staff remain on the campus during school hours in case of any need or crisis.

LC (local school coordinator) monitors each students' learning status and delivers monthly reports to parents.

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BDS in the USA Foundation Course

Preparation course before leaving for the U.S.A

Instills a sense of purpose and objective to the students for the upcoming five months.

Learn about the cultural differences between South Korea and the United States, along with establishing a foundation for basic English.

Practice being independent thinkers and do-ers.

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With their host families, BDS students interactively learn English skills and take home a precious cultural experience like no other.

Host families selected through multiple interviews strict screening processes.

As guardians for our students, hosts provide optimal living environments and healthy meals.

Hosts provide rides to and from school along with other traveling occasions within the area.

Each house assigned a bilingual staff member(English/Korean) to mediate communication between hosts and students.

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Field Trip

Regular field trips held for BDS students only.

Field trips consist of trips to universities, museums, amusement parks, etc.

Individual students go on additional trips with host families as well as explore local shopping centers, movie theaters, and exotic cultural facilities.

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