Elementary Programs

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Elementary Programs

The BDS elementary program is designed to provide students with an American classroom experience. Our goal is to provide young learners the opportunity to improve their English language skills with trained American instructors, and to provide the language skills necessary for students to continue with their studies at a higher level. We aim to create independent thinkers and critical problem solvers.

Our Elementary program provides

Small class sizes allowing for personal interaction among teachers, students, and parents

Child-centered classrooms where students are challenged independently, in small groups, and as a whole class

Reading Street and Reading A to Z leveled books

Traditional classroom activities in language arts, math, science, social studies, and electives that are supplemented with hands on experiences

Enrichment in art, music, Chinese, technology, and physical education

Why choose the elementary program?
Elementary Programs IMG
Elementary Programs IMG
Our Guiding Principles for Learning

We believe that students must be culturally literate and critical thinkers.

We aim for students to make meaningful use of their international education and integrate this into their life moving forward.

Significant global changes suggest a need for corresponding changes in the ways in which we think about ourselves and the world.

Personal and social responsibility help students apply their international education to everyday global situations.

We believe in data-driven instruction and work to regularly evaluate students so that we can continually enhance each child’s learning path.

Objectives and Goals

Students learn English from trained instructors.

Students are introduced to different teaching styles and with student-centered learning.

The program utilizes formative and summative assessments to track progress; this assists instructors in selecting teaching methodologies and creating individualized pathways of instruction

Students gain different perspectives and experiences concerning classroom learning, study skills, and information processing; allows students to become comfortable in different learning situations

The program promotes self-directed learning, team building, accelerated learning based on student ability, critical thinking, and creativity. The program provides students the opportunity to discover the world and their place in it; to think about future academic and employment possibilities.

All students will become well-rounded learners while at the same time studying and practicing English. in a variety of methods, taught using American teaching methods and academic best practice models.

Our teachers are trained to recognize each student’s individual abilities, skills, and interest and teach using strategies that meet those needs.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Block Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation
2nd Block Math Science Math Math Science
3rd Block Science Math Science Math Math
4th Block P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E.
5th Block English Social Studies English Social Studies English
6th Block Social Studies English Social Studies English Social Studies
7th Block IT Art IT Art IT
After-school Golf Music Swimming Debate Open Library
After-school Meditation Meditation
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    Official Languages
    English(Regular Classes) +
    Korean(Extracurricular Activities)
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    Common Core State Standards +
    Internal Standards
  • Elementary Programs IMG
    Polite and Proper Language,
    Well-Mannered Attitude
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    Academic Consulting
    BDS Faculty +
    Outside Consultant
201-61, Useong 1-gil, Noeun-myeon, Chungju-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Admissions : 070-7525-5517
Administration : 070-7525-5526, 070-7525-5509
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