The Academic Program

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The Academic Program

The BDS Academic Program is a fully accredited program that offers an American diploma based on common core standards. Students attend classes in English and complete courses designed around project based learning and managed through Google Classroom.

Elementary Programs

The BDS Elementary Program is designed to introduce students to an American classroom with English immersion. The goal is to provide young learners the opportunity to improve their English language skills with trained American instructors, and to provide the language skills necessary for students to continue with their studies at a higher level.Students are trained to become independent thinkers and critical problem solvers through guided curriculum.

Our Elementary Program provides...

Small class sizes allowing for personal interaction among teachers, students, and parents

Student-centered classrooms where students are challenged independently, in small groups, and as a whole class

Traditional classroom activities in language arts, math, science, social studies, and electives that are supplemented with hands on experiences

Why choose the Elementary Program?
Objectives & Goals

Students learn English from trained instructors.

Students are introduced to different teaching styles and with student-centered learning.

Students begin self-directed learning, team building, accelerated learning based on student ability, critical thinking, and creativity.

Junior High Programs

TThe BDS Junior High Program is designed to carry out BDS’s mission by helping middle school students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for high school. BDS strives to inspire a love of learning, self knowledge, and meaningful community membership. During the middle grades years, students will experience rapid growth intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The BDS balanced approach allows time for training the body, spirit, and mind while teachers work to challenge students to their fullest intellectual potential.

Our Junior High Program provides...

Small class sizes allowing for personal interaction among teachers, students, and parents

Subjects based classes with rich content and hands-on learning

Technology integration to prepare students for the 21st century

Why choose the Junior High Program?
Objectives & Goals

Students develop English skills from licensed instructors.

Students immerse in student-centered learning with project based assessments, and collaborative assignments based on creativity and effective communication.

Students develop self-directed learning, team building, accelerated learning based on student ability, and critical thinking skills.

High School Programs

In 2021, BDS will launch its first high school programs starting with grade 9 and rising each year. The BDS High School Programs are split into two tracks, the BDS Minerva Baccalaureate and the Traditional Diploma. Both tracks are designed to provide students with an American classroom experience that emphasizes the Four C’s of 21st Century Education: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication.

Our High School Program provides...

Small class sizes allowing for personal interaction among teachers, students, and parents

Diverse subjects for students to discover their passions

Technology centered classrooms and assessments for students to master the necessary skills of the modern world

Why choose the High School Program?
Objectives & Goals

Students master the English language thought content based learning.

Students master collaborative skills, creativity, and effective communication through project-based learning centered on critical thinking.

Students master self-directed learning and self-motivation

The BDS Minerva Baccalaureate

This selective program is only open to students with advanced English and mathematical abilities. Unlike other BDS programs, students must enter the Minerva Bachelorette in their 9th grade year and complete the full four year program to receive full credit for the MB diploma. Also unique to the BDS.MB is the prerequisites. Unlike other BDS programs, the Minerva Bachelorette requires students to demonstrate conversational English skills, high school level mathematical abilities, and a self-motivated mindset.


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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Block Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation
2nd Block Math Science Math Math Science
3rd Block Science Math Science Math Math
4th Block P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E.
5th Block English Social Studies English Social Studies English
6th Block Social Studies English Social Studies English Social Studies
7th Block IT Art IT Art IT
After-school Golf Music Swimming Debate Open Library
After-school Meditation Meditation
Grading Scale
Mastery Grading Scale
(Elementary & Middle School)
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