Junior High Programs

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Junior High Programs

Our Middle Grade program is designed to carry out BDS’s mission by helping young people in grades 6-8 acquire knowledge and skills through conversation, discovery, and deep understanding. BDS strives to inspire a love of learning, self knowledge, and meaningful community membership.

During the middle grades years, students will experience rapid growth intellectually, emotionally, and physically. They gradually take ownership of the learning process, build relationships, and come to appreciate their own individuality as they prepare to take on the challenges of high school. Although the Middle Grade academic program is rigorous, our great expectations are fully aligned with the developmental capacities of our young students and fully supported by the close work and passion of our highly trained and experienced faculty.

Because Grades 6-8 represent a special period in the life of a child, the members of our faculty are not only discipline area specialists, but relationship specialists and adults who have dedicated their professional lives to working with our pre and young adolescent children. While teachers work to know students well enough to challenge them to their fullest intellectual potential, our balanced approach allows significant time for training the body and spirit as much as the mind.

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Qualified Teachers
Language Arts Program Based on :

Track System for varying english levels

Multi-program approach utilizing tools such as the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Program or RAZ Kids

Common Core Learning Standards

Regular MAP Testing with evaluations and individualized learning plans


The language arts program includes reading, phonics, spelling, language, and writing activities, taught in an integrated manner. Students are placed in guided level reading groups after initial and continual assessments using Fountas, Pinnell Benchmarks, and MAP testing.

The reading groups focus on comprehension. We aim for students to move “learning to read”, towards “reading to learn”. Word study is phonics-based, incorporating spelling and language, allowing for differentiated instruction to meet all students’ needs. Writing is woven through all subject areas and by creating portfolios to track student progress.

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Math Curriculum

Teachers and students utilize the envision Math Program that builds a strong foundation for each child. EnVision connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence?helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year. Students are evaluated two times for fundamental skills using the MAP testing program and instruction is differentiated to offer each child a plan for success.

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Science Curriculum

Science at BDS is based on the AERO Common Core standard with input from New Generation Science Learning Standards. Our curriculum works on building background knowledge in a wide range of content areas, including life, earth, and physical sciences. Content is presented in reading activities, as well as exploration. Students explore using the scientific process in an interactive way, recording and analyzing data. Our campus allows for environmental study and investigation.

Whole group and mini lessons ? KWL (Know, Want, Learn) charts for each topic which enable children to build and master concepts.

Children read and research topics both using curriculum and experimentation.

Students will create and learn through writing both whole group, cooperative small groups, as well as independently.

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Social Studies Curriculum

The social studies program is based on the myWorld Interactive social studies program.

The focus of the is on personal, social, and civic responsibilities in society. Through the study of periods of time and historical figures, students are able to learn about government and economics, geography, climate, and cultures. Social studies is also introduced through holidays and celebrations during the calendar year. Students will also learn US History at various points.

Students will learn about the Social Studies topics while creating projects with art, language arts, and other subject areas

Social Studies should be taught in a way that allows students to feel the information is relevant.

Social Studies in an international school should be taught with a multicultural approach to show children how their own cultures are involved in the world around them.

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Specials Curriculum

Art : The art program at BDS is a creative process that allows for choice, exploration, and imaginative expression in a pleasant, supportive atmosphere. Students are encouraged to make a personal statement through their art. Students are taught a variety of media, tools and techniques.

Music : Students are exposed to music by singing, dancing, moving, and playing instruments. Our program focuses on the holistic study and practice music, including pitch, dynamics, timbre, rhythm, melody, and harmony.

PE : In PE class at BDS, The students are encouraged to exhibit a physically active lifestyle and maintain a life-enhancing level of physical fitness. Throughout the program the students are taught to understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction. The students are introduced to a variety of sports and encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that involve physical fitness.

IT : Students are taught computer skills at BDS through many means: as part of their IT classes, within the individual classrooms through their teachers, and through active collaboration between their teachers as an integral part of a curriculum unit. The students are taught basics such as the parts of a computer, file management, keyboarding, and the use of the computer for research, creativity, communication, and refining the learning process.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Block Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation
2nd Block Math Science Math Math Science
3rd Block Science Math Science Math Math
4th Block P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E. P.E.
5th Block English Social Studies English Social Studies English
6th Block Social Studies English Social Studies English Social Studies
7th Block IT Art IT Art IT
After-school Golf Music Swimming Debate Open Library
After-school Meditation Meditation
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Mastery Grading Scale
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