Guidance & Counseling

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Guidance & Counseling

The true purpose of a school is to motivate young learners, help them build a space where they love to learn, and help them to find comfort with their instructors. BDS believes that high-quality education with the support academic counseling best motivates learners to end up where they truly desire to be.

Through regular information sessions and individual consultation, BDS counseling teams help families one step at a time so they’re empowered and excited about their futures. Great care and attention are given to each and every students at BDS during their counseling meetings.

Counselors join all meetings with students to help ensure that their choices align with their goals for the future.
· Incremental guidance for drafting college applications, essays, recommendations, etc.
· One-on-one online counseling available for Q&A
· Regular college seminars
· Practicing admission interviews
· Preparation for college visits

College prep at BDS extends beyond academics. Students experience cultural exposure and immersion that helps them assimilate more easily into college life abroad. At Beyond Dream Global Leader Scholars, students are envisioned to attend universities of their desires in the world where they continue to make a difference in their communities.

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