Residential Life

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Residential Life

The dorm life of our students is designed to help students develop a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and connectedness. But we take a serious devotion to protect students regarding their health and safety. Their residential life is always being monitored and carefully watched over by residing staff on night duty from both BDS and Godowon healing centre. Our professional staff focuses on maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere. The dean of students will also help students learn to respect, understand, and work effectively with people who have different perspectives and experiences. Our residence hall is also students’ temporary home, and we want them to feel comfortable.

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Expected Growth through Residential Life

Students will start to live their life on campus without parents. It is a great opportunity to improve their independence and self-care. Each room will be a student’s own place and it is their responsibility to keep them neat and livable. Students are expected to do their own cleaning for their clothing and rooms. But it can be challenging for our students who have not experienced life without parents. Student advisors from our faculty will gladly take in any counsels or concerns that our students need regarding nostalgia and advice for self-management. BDS staff take seriously about our students’ emotional needs and supports.
Dorm life promotes communication and bonding among groups of people with various backgrounds. It can be a perfect base for building friendships and mastering students’ social skills. They will share the same space with other roommates who will experience the same but exciting school life. There will be personal life stories to share and study materials to ask. Living separately with parents does not mean that they should live without delicate care of seniors. Residence assistants and faculty staff members on duty will be present in emergency situations.
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